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Locate the budget for a local government - Assignment Example

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They normally act within the powers delegated to them by a higher level of government, which does so through legislation or directives. It should not be confused with…
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Locate the budget for a local government
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New Jersey League of Municipalities Insert Insert The local government is a public administration unit, which normally exists at the lowest tier of a given state. They normally act within the powers delegated to them by a higher level of government, which does so through legislation or directives. It should not be confused with offices at state level, for instance, national government, central government, federal government and government that govern institutions within states.
In the question above, focus is in the municipality of New Jersey State League that is an association formed voluntarily to do the job of self-government by pooling resources, information and brainpower. This league has been serving officials since 1915 through the Garden State, and it was authorized by state statute (Dressel, 2014).
The revenue sources for the league include property taxes that are levied on all classes of properties this levy is assessed locally and collected to aid in the running of the municipality and county government. The state also gives the municipality some funds directly or indirectly through reliefs in for instance property taxes. Other sources of revenue include; service charge, optional local taxes and counties or special district government levies (Dressel, 2014). Another source of revenue is the inter-governmental transfers, which may be for funding of government activities or specific projects.
The largest income percentage of the budget comes from taxes, this is so because there are many direct and indirect taxes levied on individuals and corporations within the league. They include property, sales and income taxes (Dressel, 2014). This method is the best since it covers a wider base as they are charged either directly or indirectly.
The government should think outside the box in collecting revenues by looking at other avenues instead of relying on the traditional sources. The internet has opened up many possible opportunities that may help to a great extend in harnessing the incomes. The league can also reduce the operational costs thus increase the net revenues, which will be available to it.
Dressel, W. G. (2014, NOV 2). User Friendly Budget Proposed. Retrieved NOV 20, 2014, from New Jetsey State League of Municipalities: Read More
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