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2 Readings----Francine Prose's Voting Democracy off the Island and James Harold's A Moral Never-Never Land: Identifying with Tony Soprano, - Essay Example

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On her ‘Voting Democracy off the Island’ article, Francine elaborates on the continuing growth of popularity of the reality TV shows that are on almost all stations. Moreover, she takes note of the current trends that producers apply and exploit, such as using ordinary…
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2 Readings----Francine Proses Voting Democracy off the Island and James Harolds A Moral Never-Never Land: Identifying with Tony Soprano,
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Extract of sample "2 Readings----Francine Prose's Voting Democracy off the Island and James Harold's A Moral Never-Never Land: Identifying with Tony Soprano,"

Download file to see previous pages Based on her argument, Prose puts it out that most of the viewers are fans of such shows that the frequent watching has slowly started to affect the morals and values.
Naturally, most of the scenes used in the reality shows are examples of day-to-day occurrences such as interviews and the directors turn them into ruthless competitions where the different contestants do exacting things to make sure they emerge at the top. Furthermore, Francine also argues that perceptions from the multiple reality television programs affect people’s real-life discernment of aspects such as leadership and legislations. This emanates from the secrecy and deceitfulness expressed to the extent that people such as the American citizens are not shocked when their government does the same (Breakthrough Writer 1). Francine’s argument puts it out that this is why people are not offended or concerned with the government withholding essential information on nuclear weapons, terrorist attack threats etc. Prose’s conclusion in her article is that despite the fact that most people disagree, programs based on real-life affect the human nature in a negative way, even when they are not aware of it.
Contrary to Francine Prose, James Harold explores the idea of TV shows affecting the morals in the article ‘A Moral Never-Never Land-Identifying with Tony Soprano’ by evaluating how most people think movies or programs affect them and what really happens. He uses ‘The Sopranos’ as the main example to explain his notion on the idea of TV affecting people’s morals and values; moreover, he claims that this show makes bad personalities seem acceptable and liked by the society. Certainly, when people relate themselves to Tony Soprano during times of despair and happiness they tend to imitate him in their everyday events, especially those that are similar to those in ‘The Sopranos’.
According to Harold, people tend to focus more on anti-hero values that sway ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(2 Readings----Francine Prose'S Voting Democracy off the Island and Essay)
2 Readings----Francine Prose'S Voting Democracy off the Island and Essay.
“2 Readings----Francine Prose'S Voting Democracy off the Island and Essay”, n.d.
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