People being able to drive in the US even Illegals - Essay Example

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Many illegal immigrants are parents or children of people that have the status of US citizen. The Pew Hispanic Center revealed that…
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People being able to drive in the US even Illegals
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Illegal Immigrants should be allowed to have driver license Illegal immigrants should be allowed to obtain driver license because it will help them contribute to the development of the society more. Many illegal immigrants are parents or children of people that have the status of US citizen. The Pew Hispanic Center revealed that undocumented people make 9.7 per cent of the labor force of Oregon State (Vargas). The nonpartisan Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy shared that illegal immigrants paid $94 million in the year 2010 in local and state taxes collectively. This figure comprises $23.3 million payment in the property taxes and $46.6 million payment in income taxes of state (Vargas). This suggests that illegal immigrants pay taxes and contribute to Social Security.
Many illegal immigrants already drive because they do not have any option but to do it. “There’s the story of Ramiro, who used to work as a chauffeur, but lost his job when licenses were taken away. When his three-year-old got sick late one night, he was faced with driving illegally or not going to the hospital to take care of his only son” (Vargas). In their attempt to escape being caught, many of these drivers frequently break traffic rules. They overspeed to get distant from the police as soon as possible, many of them cross the intersection while the signal displays red light only so that they can get to their destination without being caught, and commit many other similar crimes. By not allowing illegal immigrants to drive, the government is only increasing the load on its own shoulders of finding and fining or imprisoning the illegal drivers. If illegal immigrants are allowed to have driver license, they will be able to drive freely without tension. This will greatly improve their driving behavior (Waslin cited in “Should Immigrants”) and is likely to cause a substantial reduction in violation of traffic laws.
Not allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver license poses the challenge of increased illegal services and networks. The population of illegal immigrants in the US is ever increasing. The more they get in number, the more difficult it becomes for the government to control them. In response to the growing demand of driving among the illegal immigrants, illegal businesses issuing people with fake identity cards, papers, and licenses are getting established. “If 13 million people living within our borders cant drive, fly, travel on a train or bus, or otherwise participate in society without a drivers license and they cannot get a legitimate one, then the market will supply them an illegal fraudulent one..” (“Not Issuing Drivers”).
Allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver license will improve their physical, mental, and psychological health. One illegal immigrant shared how much he suffered because of not possessing a driver license in these words, “I checked the “U.S. citizen” box on an employment form to get a job. It was either lie, or not get the job” (Vargas). Allowing illegal immigrants to have driver license will help alleviate poverty in the society. Not only will they be able to send their children in schools, but they will also be able to do their jobs successfully.
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