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Marriage/Divorce - Research Paper Example

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While this can be the case for some people, it might not always be the case with everybody. Most first time marriages end in divorce, which means that the number of people who have…
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Download file to see previous pages Divorce in itself is not a good thing, it leaves one quite depressed and feeling wasted after the years they spend trying to make everything work out but it has become like the only option there is once a marriage seems not to work. Some marriages have been said to last as short as a week which clearly shows the seriousness of the issue. This paper will be focused on early stages of problems in a marriage, example of stages which an individual goes through, ways of preventing divorces as well as personal experience of this issue.
It is evident that couples that are constantly communicating about most things rarely conflict or get into arguments. Once a couple is not communicating about even the minor things like who should take out the garbage or go to the grocery shop, conflict is likely to arise (Brining and Allen 128). Communication should be a very important part of a couple’s daily life but lack of it has become the main cause of conflicts among many. A survey done by the AIFS (Australian Institute of Family Studies concluded that 72% of people whose marriages had failed were because of poor or lack of communication (Brining and Allen 129). There are couples who never talk at all and result to sending text messages or notes when one needs something to be done, this is very unhealthy as there can never be any understanding or intimacy in that marriage.
Relationship experts have said this countless times, that when there is a misunderstanding, fighting does not solve anything. Many couples shout at each other when there is a misunderstanding and on the extreme case fighting may occur, which is a sure sign of a marriage about to fail.Some research was done and concluded that most fighting between couples is caused by money problems or drunk behavior. Though it is better to be divorced than stay in a violent union, research has shown that most people who divorce later come to regret the decision and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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