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He stated the fact that God through nature created species and they with natural selection evolved gradually to become human beings. However, this proposition was rejected by some…
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Download file to see previous pages So it could be well said that these two articles is contemplating and criticizing Darwin’s intellectual and scientific quality along with his sense to respect theological values.
Darwin intelligently investigated about human evolution and he came to a conclusion that God created few animal species and they by natural selection progressed to become humans. Everyone knows the fact that our closest DNA match agrees with apes. The intelligent level and social existence of apes match with human beings on a great level. But in the journal article by Cosans there is a contradiction on the fact where theology entangls with evolution. In this article Cosans put forward the statements mentioned by eminent anatomist Owen, where he suggests that God has no power in the human evolution theory.
Considering the journal by Cosans, it cannot be stated that Darwin only concentrated on evolution as a divine process. He studied the subject visiting many earth zones and found that life originated from microorganisms and it went on to evolve into animals and ultimately in to intellectual beings. Darwin here is not prophesying on facts which he has not researched on. He has investigated on organisms like bacteria to apes to understand human evolution. Now in the journal by Cosans ,we can find that Owen retaliates on the fact that human evolution can be seen from a theological perspective.Owen as an anatomists look at the flaws of Darwin’s scientific research conclusion. Darwin here looked at creations and the mystery hidden behind its life and evolutionary process which has morphed them to become animals and later into human being by natural selection
Here in this journal titled” Was Darwin a creationist” a question is raised by Cosans whether Darwin itself is adding divinity with evolutionary process or is evolutionary theory with a theological perspective is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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