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The bibliography will mainly detail on how technology relates with occurrence of obesity. The research questions that will guide my…
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Technology cause of obesity
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Download file to see previous pages The materials that I will research on and write annotated bibliography will enhance me write a research paper with much ease because I will have the reference within my reach.
Australian Government. Australia: The Healthiest Country By 2020. Australian Government. (2009): Web. 11 Nov. 2014. Australian Government is a government publication that was published in 2009. It expounds on the effects of technology on humans. According to the article, obesity is one of the diseases that challenge the government currently. It asserts that approximately 60% of adults in Australia are obese (“Australian Government” 1). The article claims that the issue of obesity has been rising significantly for the last years. However, the article claims that the obesity is common among people who do not know the essence of observing good eating habit. The main objective of the article is to create awareness among Australians on the importance of observing and valuing what they consume (“Australian Government” 1). Among the steps advocated by the article in order to address the obesity issue include protecting children as well as other people from buying and purchasing unhealthy foods and drinks and reshaping urban environments so as to boost healthy lifestyle. The article also expounds on the essence of strengthening and supporting health care workers as well as public healthy workforce in assisting the public in making the right health choices (“Australian Government” 2). Additionally, the article expounds on the value of a national food strategy in addressing the production and supply of foods. All the issues addressed by this government publication are future oriented; the government of Australia aims at protecting future generation from the impact of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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