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English 2 - DB 5 - Essay Example

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They are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and solid writing skills alongside with meeting specific writing criteria. Even though it is really difficult…
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English 2 - DB 5
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Extract of sample "English 2 - DB 5"

Reflection Almost every has some elements of research writing; this task is perceived as a challenge by many students. They are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and solid writing skills alongside with meeting specific writing criteria. Even though it is really difficult sometimes to write effectively, I believe that research writing is beneficial for all students because it teaches them to communicate in writing and express their thoughts clearly,
I perceive any writing assignment as a challenge because there is no limit of perfection in this case. For instance, any solid writing requires relevant sources to be based on. I have learned to pay more attention to pre-writing research in order to have enough valid information for own research. Researching can be time consuming; however, it shows different points of view on the same issue which helps to develop own opinion and express it in writing.
There is a great difference between oral communication and written communication. While it is possible to make mistakes and correct them immediately while speaking, there is a need to spend additional time on revising the paper to make sure that there are no ambiguities in writing.. Any research paper needs an outline to follow to cover all necessary points. Inaccurate expressions can confuse the reader; working on my last written assignment I read it to my friend to make sure that it sounded clearly. The process of peer revision is very helpful because it gives an objective feedback about ones work; I cannot say that I can assess my writing totally objectively as I always treat it as my achievement. In this way, help of my peers can be really valuable to see ho I can improve my writing.
Overall, I understand that I need to work hard to become a better writer. Currently I lack some experience in research writing and this course is really helpful because it complexly improves my writing skills. Now I see the difference between relevant and irrelevant sources of information and understand why I need to spend more time on selecting the best sources for my research. I am learning to keep my writing clear and concise and any writing assignment greatly contributes to my writing and researching skills. Read More
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(English 2 - DB 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
“English 2 - DB 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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