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The skin can be defined as the tiny layer of tissue covering the body of a human being or an animal. The skin is so far the biggest tissue in the body weighing around six pounds in…
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The skin
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Introduction Have you ever wondered being without the thin flesh covering the bones in our bodies called skin? The skin can be defined as the tiny layer of tissue covering the body of a human being or an animal. The skin is so far the biggest tissue in the body weighing around six pounds in an adult person (Dean). The skin contains several nerve cells, sweat glands, blood vessels and many other body cells. The skin is not evenly distributed over our bodies as some parts have thick layers like our feet while some parts have thin layers like our eyelids (Jones, 62). This essay is going to discuss the layers of the skin. Furthermore, it is going to discuss the functions of the skin.
Layers of the Skin
The skin is divided into two parts the epidermis and the dermis (Dean). The epidermis is the upper layer of the skin the one that is visible to the naked eye. The epidermis are also known as the cuticle. Underneath the epidermis is the dermis. It is that part that contains the nerve cells and the body hair. The skin derived its name from a Greek word meaning dermis of the skin and epi for outer (Dean).
Functions of the Skin
The skin has various functions. The skin guards the body from injuries(Jones, 63).. The skin also prevents germs from entering the body by trapping them on the soft body hair. The skin is literally the set alarm that warns our bodies to change according to the temperatures. Thus, the skin regulates temperature gain and loss. The skin also allows the body to release unwanted toxins from our bodies through mechanisms like sweating through the pores(Jones, 63).
In conclusion, the skin is the largest body organ weighing about six pounds. It is made up of two parts, the dermis and the epidermis. The dermis is the outer covering while the epidermis is the inner part that contains the nervous system and cells. The skin has very many functions. It regulates body temperature, prevents injuries and germs from entering the body and it also releases toxins from the body (Patricia, 36).
The skin is obviously a very significant body organ, yet it is the most neglected and uncared for body part (Patricia, 34). The skin tells the story of our lives. For example, another person can tell our health status, age, occupation, race and many more by observing the skin (Patricia, 35).
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