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Pick a topic from the link provided in the details section - Essay Example

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Many have themselves been teased, berated, intimidated, beaten-up or worse while at school, a place that is widely assumed to be a safe environment though we all know thats not…
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Pick a topic from the link provided in the details section
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Download file to see previous pages In recent times that unfortunate reality has began to change. The Department of Education along with other government agencies have made curbing violence in schools a priority. More so than ever, schools now have the information and encouragement necessary to make sweeping improvements in this area.
Bullies threaten students. The act of bullying threatens the effectiveness of education process. Students cannot learn as well while dealing with both physical and emotional trauma during the school day. Emotional scars due to abuse at school are hidden but can run deep affecting a persons general outlook on life and detrimental patterns of behavior for years following graduation. A 2010 Center for Disease Control study involving middle and high school students revealed more than one-fifth had been teased or otherwise verbally shamed within the past year on school property, most on at least a weekly basis. One in ten students had been lightly assaulted (pushed, spit on) or threatened with physical violence. A national survey asked teachers if they thought bullying to be a moderate or major issue. Nearly half said it was with 40 percent saying they witnessed bullying on a regular basis, at least once a week. ("Bullying/Cyberbulling(a)," 2014)
Its sound reasoning to prevent bullying. The relatively minimal effort involved seems very small when comparing the unknown human costs associated with long-term physical and emotional scars of the victim. Prevention programs instituted by schools have shown to drastically reduce the instances of aggressive behavior. Simply talking about the issue is a good first step in prevention. Bring parents and students together to talk about the problem. They can help assess how rampant and serious the problem is at a particular school. In addition, schools must understand the types of bullying as well as other possible contributing factors such as drugs and race relations. When students, parents and school ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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