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The U-boats Come to America, PDF attached and CITED - Assignment Example

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The reporter states that the First World War was without a doubt one of the most casualty-filled and destructive wars that were ever witnessed by the world. In this particular era, the feelings of extreme nationalism were adopted by several countries…
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The U-boats Come to America, PDF attached and CITED
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Download file to see previous pages The mobilization for World War I was no easy task as the nation was still divided regarding Wilson’s decision to enter the way. Nevertheless, WWI became a focal point in American history because it gave an opportunity for America to assert its dominance as a foreign power and give rise to social reforms.
Without a doubt, WWI was a turning point in American history because it gave an opportunity to America to display its awesome power. World War was a war that was indisputably fueled by American propaganda by portraying the Axis power as supreme evil. Unmistakably, this was a heavy task since so many European descents resided in America. The sinking of the U-boat was undoubtedly a huge catalyst that initiated the American involvement. This is greatly depicted via the article in the newspaper which states, “The U-boats come to America.” The author states that “It may be argued that the foreign assumptions are purely subjective.” (Skeet 2) However was evident that the United States Navy had to prepare itself for the worse and was already aligning itself with future Allies. It is clear that this was to issue somewhat of Propaganda to rally the American citizens. Europe’s condition at this point was tense, and the American aid to Allies illustrated the fact that America’s involvement was much needed (Michaels 40). Suddenly, the American economy was jolted with a huge shock as it began to produce war-related goods. The United States did not hesitate to supply its war-related products such as weapons, supplies, and ships in order to change the tide of the war (Ebert 9). Although American troops were sent overseas, they fought very little and were responsible for providing moral support.
Secondly, World War I was a focal point in American history because it gave rise to social reform throughout the nation. Women and African Americans, in particular, were two groups that were able to take an opportunity to break their “cult of domesticity”. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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