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The 80s - Essay Example

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Greenberg et al point out that it “was a decade characterized by consumerist values that reflected the Reagan era nostalgia for the past and the tastes of the young and the trendy from fashion and films to music and…
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The 80s
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Download file to see previous pages It was a time of revolution against the normal. This was shown through the cultural response of the classy style, and this fashion has achieved to bring up the social feeling that extended to include all manners of consumables and socializations. This style was shown throughout many of the trends of the 1980s. According to Niven, “jewelry wasn’t just an accessory in the eighties. It was a focal point” (27). Punk fashion which was combination of the hippie movement of the past decades and the current materialist trend also emerged.
When it came to hairstyles, people preferred big, curly, dreadlocked and heavy. The fashion included a pair of torn jeans, tights trousers, leather clothes, leg warmers, leggings and athletic shoes. The celebrities wore leather, laced clothes and fishnet stockings and gloves. When it came to a business look, there was the power suit. Knight describes power suit as a “term popularized in the 1980s that was associated with the attire worn by business men and women to project confidence and authority” (viii-ix).The women during this period wore heavy and bright makeup. They often used light colored lipstick, dark and thick eyelashes and pink and blue blusher. The 1980s clothing was considered unisex. The women wore sweaters that included turtlenecks and V-necks. The most preferred school shoes were knee-high boots and kitten heels, sneakers and jelly shoes. The women had become more colorful as they wore wool coats, long flared skirts and miniskirts.
Punk fashion emerged in the1980s. It was popular among people aged 18–22. This fashion was expressed by multi-colored mohawks, “black clothing, leather jackets, and ripped jeans” (Feinstein 13). Jean jackets were fashionable when fixed with a safety pin, buttons, patches, or cultural trophies. People of the punk style would use bits of fabric and attach them with safety pins. This style soon became a fashionable way of fixing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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