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The king later realized that Tobacco could earn his kingdom income through taxation. The Crop traces a long history of aiding and harming human beings. Tobacco attracted…
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Summary of the article
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Summary of the Article An English king presented Tobacco usage as being detrimental and hazardous to the health of the users. The king later realized that Tobacco could earn his kingdom income through taxation. The Crop traces a long history of aiding and harming human beings. Tobacco attracted Africans as slaves to work on England plantations ignoring racism in a new environment. In 1499, Amerigo Vespucci reported the manner in which the European criticized the use of Tobacco.
European explorers revealed nicotine as an addicting substance. They used a scenario where some American natives mixed tobacco with lime or powdered seashells that fastened the nicotine effect to the brain. Few years after 1612, tobacco sale in the London market competed with imported Spanish leaf and commanded steep prices. Virginia discovered tobacco production to be profitable. The tobacco shipment registered a drastic increase between the years 1680 and 1627 despite an Indian attack that killed nearly 400 of Virginia’s colonists (DeFord 1).
According to Robert’s history, tobacco culture dominated the region between the southern boundary of Pennsylvania and the northern tidewater area of North Carolina. Seek for a more productive and fertile land steered America’s westward expansion. Human resource became an essential requirement in Maryland and Virginia with increasing hard work in the fields. In 1660, legal slavery appeared for the first time in Maryland and Virginia. Tobacco production continued to rise despite the fluctuating prices.
Farmers of Tidewater incurred enormous debts to the British tobacco merchants. After 1750, financial crises abroad forced English merchants to demand payment from the planters. After the revolutionary war, negotiators calculated Virginians to account for millions of pounds of the debts.
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