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This follows the advertisement of a job vacancy as an office administrator. We appreciate (appreciation) your cooperation and suggestion during the interviews. This enables us to serve you…
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November 03, PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL Ms. Geraldine Johns, 1543 Vine Street Vine Town, Mystique falls Dear Ms. Johns, Re: Request No. FRT01-02
Thank you for your application letter code FRT01-02(facts) received on 25th October 2014. This follows the advertisement of a job vacancy as an office administrator. We appreciate (appreciation) your cooperation and suggestion during the interviews. This enables us to serve you better.
This is a response reveals a breakdown of your performance and the various stages you underwent during the evaluation process.
The interviews were free and fair. The first evaluation step assessed the applicant’s curriculum vitae. This ensured candidates met at least seventy-five percent of the requirements. Successful candidates attended oral interviews. The company policy states, ‘every administrator should provide a conducive work environment for productivity’(company policy). Therefore, the candidates personality, decision-making ability and temperament had to be in line with the company policy. Each candidate had a time slot to express themselves and convincing the panel of their capabilities. Aptitude tests checked on how fast the candidates were able to make suitable decisions. Successful candidates, then met the executive manager for their last interview. The final stage involved a board of shareholders. Each shareholder had to secretly vote and the votes tallied after watching video clips of your interviews(fairness treatment). The task was quite competitive and your conduct through the various steps impressed us(positive words).
Due to the competition of the opening, we regret to inform you that you were unsuccessful(positioning for bad news). The board of shareholders focused on the experience both voluntary and involuntary. Your work experience was short of three years. Thus, this contributed to your disqualification. However, you managed to impress the management with you passion and scores(accentuate the positive). We shall consider your application in case of another opening at our premises.
With your skill and know how we hope you shall be successful in your career quest. We appreciate your inquiry and feedback. We wish you all the best in pursuit of your dreams.(good wishes).
Yours truly,
B. Smith,
Human Resource Director,
Body-wise Company. Read More
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