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The Dialectic - Essay Example

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It was a Portland Mercury new trademark edition. It was also a graphic novel, which inspired a movie, V For vendetta that was a hit. The book involves a moving story about loss of individuality and freedom. V For vendetta…
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The Dialectic
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Download file to see previous pages He used crude ways and strategies to get back to the perpetrators of the inhuman acts. This makes the novel to be a captivating tale of bloodlines that exist between evil and ideological good.
V is a freedom fighter. He is the only person who dares take the government on, and to point out that they are wrong. He blows up some structures to make a statement against the dictatorship. He executes some guilty people who were being protected from punishment
In this novel, the character V specifically condemns the local people more than the government as the cause of the dominant oppression and mistreatment that is ongoing. He blames the people for not reacting to the various exploitation, oppression or fraud they experience in the country. He classifies this issue as a responsibility displacement. He says, “You gave them the power to make your decisions for you” (Moore 117). This means that people have the power to make their own decisions but they have bowed to the oppressors and given them the authority and responsibility to decide on their behalf. He strived to change this mind set by insisting that people do as they please. He incited individuals to become solely responsible for their lives’ experiences. In the novel, V discourages the local people from shrinking or becoming complacent and letting other people decide their lives for them. He insisted that all people have equal chances and right so no one should bully the others and make decisions for them. He believed that the citizens themselves were responsible for the shambles that existed in the country. He suggested that people’s submissiveness to the oppressors was what allowed the oppression evil to prevail in the country. He changed people’s perception and motivated them to take action since inaction only brought discrimination and exploitation to them.
What the character V does is necessary even though it appears to be very evil. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Dialectic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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