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Many incidents that have occurred in the recent times have shed light on gun ownership. While supporters of gun ownership argue that guns are necessary for personal protection and are only kept to protect them…
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Gun ownership
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Gun Ownership Gun ownership has been a controversial topic within United s. Many incidents that have occurred in the recent times have shed light on gun ownership. While supporters of gun ownership argue that guns are necessary for personal protection and are only kept to protect them from an unexpected situations, opponents often argue that gun license should not be issued at large as protection of people is the duty of the police and giving such responsibility in the hands of civilians is unreasonable.
Recently, cases of widespread shooting have occurred in schools and malls of United States claiming many lives. All these cases show how easy it is for people to own guns, irrespective of how their mental condition is. It essentially needs to be understood here that people who are often involved in such situations are victims of depression which further advocates the fact that prior allowing a person to own a gun, a proper medical and history check needs to be carried out of the concerned applicant. Such cases have led to mass scale antigovernment movements, in a bid to convince the government to take measures limit gun ownership. On the contrary, gun owners and gun ownership associations have defended their positions and lobbied in the parliament to make sure no such measures are taken which would restrict gun ownership (Legault 2008).
The best solution to this problem would be to carry out through history and medical checks before issuing gun ownership permissions to applicants. Moreover, licenses should be issued for specific purpose rather than being all-purpose, thereby making sure inappropriate usage of guns is cut down.
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Legault, Richard L. Trends in American Gun Ownership. New York: LFB Scholarly Pub, 2008. Internet resource. Read More
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