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Should the government raise the driving age - Essay Example

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The different cars that came to being have undergone modification that tends to simplify their control. Cars also improve efficiency in the transport sector. However, the advantages…
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Should the government raise the driving age
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Extract of sample "Should the government raise the driving age"

Download file to see previous pages The only failure that the training institutes do not cover is how a driver can react to a situation that may determine the safety of the driver and other road users. The safety of the driver and the road users is thus dependent on the physical, emotional and psychological form of the driver. As a result, various factors have led to the occurrence of various accidents. The situations have caused the various governance bodies in the region to enact laws in an attempt to control the number of accidents that occur. One of the measures is the regulation of the generation that is suitable for issuing a license for driving. After many years, the federal government of the United States has given mandate to issue licenses to new drivers. The age limit is however national and is sixteen. The argument thus lies on what is the best age to give consent to with the aim of ensuring safety in the roads.
There is a need to rise the age of driving from sixteen to a more mature age. (Heidi E. Nemme). Research has reveled that the teenage individuals who are at the tender age of sixteen do not possess the necessary capacity to deal with the risky situations that the roads pose. The teenagers tend to be immature in the dealing of critical situations. More studies show that the teenagers have a thrill with the speed and are more prone to over speed while driving. Most of the teenagers do not have an inherent knowledge to analyze the various dangers that the urge of over speeding can bring. Over speeding is dangerous and causes accidents numerous studies have revealed. Research shows that about seventy-seven percent of the accidents in the US include people who are miners who tend to be behind the wheel. Therefore, there is a serious urgency of rising the age to a more self-realistic age (Reports). The ideal age is above eighteen years since people of the age are mature in their consequent decisions.
The psychological wellbeing is also a key issue ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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