Kate Chopin's short story The Storm - Essay Example

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Empathizing extends beyond connecting with or just understanding the characters to truly relateing to them. Consequently, a reader can experience the characters situations as if they were really…
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Kate Chopins short story The Storm
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Download file to see previous pages Like Calixta, women had to suppress their sexual desires and conform to societal marriage norms. Chopin symbolically uses the storm to mean the meteorological condition of the atmosphere with strong winds and rain, thunder and lightning, and dusty wind. This parallels with a literary storm evident in passionate and intense emotion between two past lovers, who coincidentally, reunite during an intense meteological storm (131). For Calixta and Alcee, their reunion evidently brought sustenancial satisfaction evident in “The generous abundance of her passion… found response in the depths of his sensuous nature that had never yet been reached.” (133) indicates that the two turned to each other to fulfill their sexual wants and needs.
Both literary and emotionally, the story focus around the storm’s primary motif. Initially, Calixta is unaware of the upcoming storm and continues sewing despite the atmosphere growing darker and warmer (130). However, her journey to collect clothes outside bumps her to Alceem Secondly, the storm truly begins with “big rain drops…” falling at the same time Alcee rids into Calixta’s compound to shelter from the rain (131). Finding Calixta alone, Alcee keeps her company, but uncontrollably reminded of previous romance. Thirdly, the storm intensifies outside as sheets of water beating upon boards and the lightning striking a tree. Alcee and Calixta find themselves holding each other as she tries to avoid the crashing lightning (132). Like the storm, they yield to their desire for pleasure, and their overwhelming feelings made it possible to ignore the torrents outside, as if a wall isolated them from reality. This compared to the storm obscuring distance cabins and the distant wood. Fourthly, the storm subsides and passes, leaving soft rain drops. Calixta remains in Alcee’s arms both are happy for overcoming ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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