A Review of Ligeia and William Wilson Stories By Edgar Allan Poe - Essay Example

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Genuine classic literature depicts life as it is. Authors may develop stories so that evils appear inevitable and lying and revenge is seen as a payoff. A genuine classic literature will present life in a real form so that generations to come may find connection of the story to their current situations. …
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A Review of Ligeia and William Wilson Stories By Edgar Allan Poe
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"A Review of Ligeia and William Wilson Stories By Edgar Allan Poe"

After the death of Ligeia he becomes a drug addict and frequently abuses opium (Poe 459). In his drunken stupor he remarries lady Rowena, a good woman with proper morals (Poe 463). He does not pay attention to her including attending to her health when she falls ill.
The story of William Wilson may not be considered as a classic as it is not timely, neither is it timeless. A timely story is relevant to the age period in which it is told. This story about double personality is not in any way time relevant to its community. The narrator is depicted to do mischief while his double tries to stop him from such behaviour. Although the story addresses real issues such as immorality, the theme of double personality has no tangible relevance with the time of the story setting. A genuine classic literature is timeless. It is not relevant for just one age but for all ages. ‘The William Wilson story’ may be relevant to the society in its former setting but it is difficult for later generations to connect with the issue addressed. Read More
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A Review of Ligeia and William Wilson Stories By Edgar Allan Poe Essay.
“A Review of Ligeia and William Wilson Stories By Edgar Allan Poe Essay”, n.d.
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