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Bacteria Beware. Iotron technology - Assignment Example

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Brenda (2013) claims that after analyzing conclusions by various researchers, E.coli and listeria bacterias are on the rise all across the North America. Iotron industry is working on a project to come up with a proprietary electron beam accelerator. …
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Bacteria Beware. Iotron technology
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Extract of sample "Bacteria Beware. Iotron technology"

number Bacteria Beware Brenda claims that after analyzing conclusions by various researchers, E.coli and listeria bacterias are on the rise all across the North America. Iotron industry is working on a project to come up with a proprietary electron beam accelerator. Its key use will be to capitalize on the heightened food safety awareness. For the past two decades, trays of products have been rolling along a system of an hourglass conveyor into an electron beam accelerator. The products are swept from all the sides to kill pathogens using a series of rapid fire electrons. After several minutes, the products rollout sterilized. The electron beam accelerator will make use of radiation energy; however, this should not wary people that irradiated foods will become radioactive. It is not the case.
Iotron technology was established in Ottawa by atomic Energy of Canada Limited. Lloyd Scott is the man after all this discoveries. In the late 1950s, he sold his construction business and bought the irradiation unit from AECL and took it to B.C more than two decades ago. Scott made use of this technology to sterilize medical products and further enhance the color of gemstones. After a period, Iotron took the advantage of the rising use of irradiation and purchased the technology. In addition, they were quick to patent the outright. After AECL program was sold off by Ottawa in the early 2000s, Scott too sold the other businesses he owned so as to keep Iotron alive. Recently, Iotron launched a facility in Indiana whose purpose was to serve the United States agricultural hub. Foods such as lettuce and meats are approved for irradiation. On the other hand, in Canada as compared to the United States, very few of their foods are approved for irradiation. Iotron is however working to expand the use of irradiation to include meats in addition to the approved products such as onions, wheat, potatoes, spices and wheat flour.
Currently, the only types of foods that Iotron treats are the animal feeds. In addition, Iotron uses its technology to sterilize beehives and medical equipments and modification of a range of materials such as plastics and wood. According to Brenda (2013), Iotron is working with food experts and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association to see the implementation of irradiation of meats and other foods. According to rick Holley, a professor of the University of Manitoba, food safety issues are higher as compared to the last two decades with continued occurrence of E.Coli in meat and produce. Iotron is ready to take the alternative. The industry has taken steps to educate the public on the positive impact of food irradiation.
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Brenda Bouw. Bacteria Beware, 2013. Print Read More
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