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This essay "Analysis of "Life story” by David Shields" provides us with insights into the correct way to live. Don’t mind other’s perspective, everyone in this world is different. The most important thing is we should have the ambition to challenge this world…
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Analysis of Life story by David Shields
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Download file to see previous pages I particularly enjoyed Shield’s atypical and fresh way of structuring this essay. The sentences are put together coherently to deliver the message on different aspects of life. However, the different sentences sued in the construction of a paragraph are independently able to deliver a message and make sense on their own. For instance, when he says “This vehicle not purchased with drug money. Hugs are better than drugs.” The two sentences are independent of each other in terms of examining, but they are coherently linked to make a sensible paragraph which is nice to read especially because it has a prose flow. Shield’s uses powerful phrases and sentences which sound like bumper stickers. When the author says, “Heaven doesn’t want me and Hell’s afraid I’ll take over”, this quote signifies a strong deeper meaning. In my opinion, the author is trying to tell us that neither heaven nor hell can take human’s life. The author wants to tell the readers that he is a bad guy especially due to the tone of his voice throughout the essay. I feel that deeply, the author wants us to be strong in life and live without fear of death. To him, Heaven and Hell are human’s imagination and, therefore, we should not worry about dying if we live on earth happily. In life, we can find the real things if we work hard and most importantly, work hard. If we think deeply, we own our lives. Personally, I have seen bad guys live more than 80 years, and also good guys can live 80 years. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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