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Comparing Literary Works Themes' - Research Paper Example

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Marriage is a socially recognized union between spouses where interpersonal relationships which can be sexual in nature are allowed in various cultures. Depending with ones culture, marriage is influenced by various factors. These include prescriptive marriage rules, individual…
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Comparing Literary Works Themes
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Download file to see previous pages These articles are How I Met My Husband and The Gift of the Magi by Alice Munro and Henry O respectively.
How I Met My Husband is a short story that was written by Alice Munro. Having being published in, the story covers the theme of marriage. As one of the most valued aspects of life, marriage has been extensively covered by many authors who are focused at providing the manner in which a strong family is formed based on the right choice during marriage. How I Met My Husband is a story that involves Edie, a young girl who was employed as a house help for Dr Peebles and his family. The story indicates how Edie meets a pilot known as Chris Watters. Immediately, the two falls in love. As a young girl who is looking for love, Edie first encounter with romance is when she comes close to an airplane view. One of the key aspects that the story is based on is the innocent nature about romance that Edie exhibits. Additionally, the story indicate how despite her younger age, she is significantly proud and is aware of her blossoming womanhood that she aim to use together with Mrs. Peebles’s make ups to attract the attention of Chris Watters. One of the afternoons while Mrs. Peebles is away, Edie plans on how to dress herself and become a sophisticated beauty that Chris could not avoid. Chris on his part notices the beautiful Edie while he was looking for cool water to drink.
On the other hand The Gift of the Magi is a romance story which is written by O. Henry. The story is concerned about marriage between Mr. James Dillingham (Jim) and Della who is Jim’s wife. Marriage needs commitments and love and thus it is termed as tricky. Love is tricky and thus the young couples want to buy each other gifts but have little money since it is on Christmas Eve. Gift to make each other happy and strengthen their love and thus each and every individual has to play his or her role to make sure that the lover will appreciate the gift. One ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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