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Education and leisure go hand in hand in such a way that none is operational without the other. Leisure is important for education because a…
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Quotes about education
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QUOTES ABOUT EDUCATION Assignment, English [Affiliation] Quote Sarah Josepha Hale, a Women History expert highlights the importance of leisure or free time and its significance in educational life. Education and leisure go hand in hand in such a way that none is operational without the other. Leisure is important for education because a fatigued mind is unable to grasp new items of information and without education leisure is aimless. There has to be an aim in every other action in human life. Leisure can be better managed with education and vice versa.
Quote 2:
The author, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, very wisely, explains the significance and practical utility of formal education. A higher education blesses a person with techniques and tactics that can be effectively utilized to deal with the daily life agenda in a much efficient way, even if it involves stealing. The minor act of stealing from a freight car without education can be improvised into obtaining a legal hold on the entire railroad with education in addition to acquiring a stronghold in foreign policy. So the importance of education cannot be better emphasized than this quote. The author was a lawyer and a politician by profession and therefore was in a better position to understand the significance of formal education.
Quote 3:
The author, Ralph Waldo Emerson, lies due importance on the self-esteem of the pupil; this self-esteem plays a pivotal role for a student’s power of grasping the essence of education. Respecting the student provides him/ her with a self-confidence and motivation which drives them towards better accomplishment of study goals and objectives. A person who is drowning in self-pity and underestimation can never reach the aptitude required for a bright career. The author specialized in Western philosophy. Read More
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