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I believe she is no longer naïve, but aware of her mettle despite not being liberal. She does not shoot Morris at the end of the play, yet he toke her through grief in her life. I think that she had become…
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The Heiress
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Sur The Heiress In the final scene, Catherine ascends the stairs with a slight smile. I believe she is no longer naïve, but aware of her mettle despite not being liberal. She does not shoot Morris at the end of the play, yet he toke her through grief in her life. I think that she had become stronger and had moved on, making her not revenge by shooting. Catherine appears to be no longer bitter, which may be deduced from her hesitant nature as she starts up the stairs. She increases the physical distance between her and Morris other than just walking away from her troubles.
By giving the buttons to Morris, I believe she was ending the relationship between her and Morris. I think the button symbolizes greed by Morris, as well as generosity of Catherine. This is a decision she makes with finality. The effect of bringing Catherine as a bold lady who was timid at the beginning of the play creates more realism to the play. I believe the actions of Catherine in the last scene were more definitive on liberation rather than an absolute bitterness reaction. She also appears to have begun to resemble her father through understanding the reality of what she went through.
From the body language, voice and attitude, it becomes apparent that Catherine completely transformed at the end of the play. This play empowers women. It highlights on liberation from stifling relationships. Catherine appears strong enough to lead her own life without Morris as she ascends with a dreamy smile. The desertion of Morris and Catherine’s father’s rejection of him makes it conclusive that Catherine’s father was right.
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Goetz, Augustus and Goetz Ruth. The Heiress. NY: Dramatists Play Service, 1949. Print. Read More
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