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As the result, the level of CO2 increases, and oxygen level decreases. However, choking is considered a normal phenomenon only when viewed as a result of physical exercise (and normal breathing is recovered in several…
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Relief o choking in victims one year of age and older
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Relief of Choking in Victims Age Year or Older Choking is a disorder in respiratory rhythm, rate and depth. As the result, the level of CO2 increases, and oxygen level decreases. However, choking is considered a normal phenomenon only when viewed as a result of physical exercise (and normal breathing is recovered in several minutes). Otherwise, choking is a disturbing symptom that shouldn’t be neglected as it might be an evidence of various diseases varying from sinusitis to lungs’ diseases. On the other hand, the reason of choking might lie in the airway obstruction.
Little children often suffer from choking caused by foreign bodies stuck in their airways. When there is plenty of nasal secretion in the airways of a child, breathing difficulties may arise during feeding and in the periods between meals, because some children are unable to open their mouths wide enough once their noses are bunged up. As a child in new born, inhalation difficulties are likely to arise, if there is a mechanical obstruction in the airways. Problems with both inhalation and exhalation can indicate cardiac dyspnea in children. Yet, the most common reasons for choking in children aged one year or older include breathing in a small object, a part of a toy, food or some other object that might block airways, i.e. throat and windpipe. It is also possible that children breathe in vomited material, while being asleep/unconscious.
Generally, choking in children aged one year and older is caused by the obstruction of a child’s airways, which can be divided into two main kinds – mild and severe airway obstruction (Blair-Harmon). Naturally, handling different kinds of choking depends greatly on recognition of them and knowledge of symptoms.
The signs indicating mild airway obstruction are the following: there is a good air exchange in a child’s airways; the child is responsive and coughs forcefully; the child might wheeze between coughs (Blair-Harmon). This type of obstruction is easy to get rid of as there is a good air exchange and apnea is virtually impossible. Thus, it is important to encourage breathing efforts and coughing in children until the foreign object is removed. Moreover, one mustn’t interfere with the attempts to remove the foreign object or perform first aid, yet it is necessary to stay with the child and monitor the situation – the need to call 911 may arise, if mild airway obstruction still persists.
Another – and more serious type of mechanical obstruction is severe airway obstruction that is crucial to be recognized promptly. In this case, there is no or poor air exchange; no coughing or weak and ineffective one; inhaling is accompanied by high-pitched noise or no noise. Moreover, the child is unable to move air or speak; cyanosis and increase in respiratory difficulties is observed. In this case, it is crucial to call 911, and try to help a victim to expel a foreign objects, giving quick inward and upward thrusts into the abdomen from the position behind the child. One should place him/herself behind the victim, wrapping arms around the waist (around the chest if a victim is obese). Fists should be placed above the naval, but well below the chest.
Except that, if the victim becomes irresponsive, airway should be opened and CPR should be done (at least 5 cycles). While doing CPR, one should look for an object every time before giving another breath to the victim. If the foreign body can be seen, one ought to remove it with fingers and continue CPR.
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