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Controversy analysis - Essay Example

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This topic interests me because not many countries in the world have legalized abortion but in the USA the Supreme Court views abortion as an individual’s fundamental right hence should be authorized.
1. Ironically, even if churches oppose abortion, most of their members…
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Controversy analysis essay
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Download file to see previous pages The research question that interests me much is the one that tries to explore the positive and negative effects of abortion (Do the pros of abortion outweigh the cons of abortion to support its legality?)
The most interesting thing observed a legal limit of 24 weeks that is safe for abortion. The most convenient time is said to be 12 weeks after conception. This is further explained in that the longer the pregnancy is, the harder the process of abortion becomes.
1. What is something interesting you read in the first article that you didn’t know before? The most interesting thing learnt on the first article on abortion is that most of the modern methods of abortion are safe and do not cause health issues such as infertility and mental health to the person involved. This is as compared to the traditional methods which caused even death of both the mother and the fetus.These methods also give the option to terminate pregnancies, which are viewed to have abnormalities.
2. What is something interesting you read in the second article that you didn’t know before? Both heterosexuals and homosexuals should be given equal rights .this is further explained in that sexual orientation is more determined by nature rather than nurture. Individuals in both do not have any control in the way they are sexually oriented.
Both of these topics (abortion, gay rights) are controversial since they seem to go against the rules and regulations of morality in the society. They are usually not easily accepted in the society as they seem to go against the norms or what people view to be right or wrong. Few people can go publicly advocating them or confess to involve in any of the two.
The age at which an individual can undergo the process of abortion without exposing her to health problems, the views that teenagers have on abortion and reproductive health and how they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Controversy Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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