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What I have learned from men - Research Paper Example

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Ehrenreich uses the article “What I’ve learned from men” to express her ideas and perspective of how women should be in the society (Ehrenreich 307). Ehrenreich is a renowned feminist and is popular for criticizing many social issues; she uses many examples to explain how…
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What I have learned from men
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Download file to see previous pages In my opinion, most of her arguments are valid however she overlooks certain facts by making false generalizations.
The article deserves a lot of credits since it offers a clear explanation to the topic. The writer has used both a sarcastic and a serious tone to drive her message home. It is a dependable source of information for the topic since it gives credit where it is due. The author does not favor any gender and she criticizes both men and women characters. Although her main aim is to explain the fact that women should change their characters, she does not appreciate a woman’s natural character. As a woman writer, it is expected that she would defend women but instead she criticizes them. This criticism allows the reader to explore her views more closely and to clarify her views.
Ehrenreich does not agree with the fact that women are the way they are because they were created that way. She considers that as a fallacy and takes firms stands to her arguments. I accord with most of her arguments, but she seems to get the fact of diversity wrong. Men and women are naturally different and very diverse in their character. However, she does not seem to give value to diversity, and her believe is that women are the way they are because they haven’t tried changing.
Ehrenreich is very bitter about the expectation of the society that women should always act in a soft manner. She reiterates that it is not the job of a woman to be polite. The writer seems to have little discernment for politeness, and all her emphasis is on women and men equality. She considers that if women get to be harsh like men, gender equality will be achieved and gender-based exploitation will be history. She strongly criticizes the normality of women being soft in conversations. She does not see the reason why women should act ‘good’ by being soft and yet they it has little or no benefit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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