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The Faustian bargain entails the deal with the devil illustrated in several Christian folktales. The individual gives his or her soul, in exchange for favors. The…
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Its Beginning to Hurt
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Lecturer It’s beginning to Hurt The Faustian bargain entails a cultural motif, illustrated by the Faust legend, and also the Mephistopheles figure. The Faustian bargain entails the deal with the devil illustrated in several Christian folktales. The individual gives his or her soul, in exchange for favors. The diabolical favor may be; power, wealth or knowledge. The agreement is very dangerous because of the soul price that is eventually paid (Stith 71).
The Natural Order has characters that are in Greece for working holiday. Abel the photographer is a ladies’ man. This illustrates that Abel is immoral and promiscuous in the religious point of view. Having romantic relationship with several women is seen as the work of the devil, in Christianity. Stewart, the travel writer, is a happy family man, with a happy wife. Happiness in the family is key virtue, and hence supported by religions. The story illustrates the nature of opposite sex relationships (James 35). This relationship is usually sexually and hence immoral. Seduction, as illustrated in the story, encourages the evil act which in Christianity is the aim of the devil. The two characters in the story are aware of the morals of each other; however, they ignore the negative aspects of the morals. Turning a blind eye to the deeds of an individual is viewed as sin in Faustian bargain. And the negative act is favored by the devil.
The Half Sister illustrates an individual who is not happy with himself and the world. He believes that he is a total failure in all aspects of the world. Plans are organized to make him marry an ugly woman (James 47). Marriage is always considered a gift; but the author illustrates the negative side of that gift, which is an ugly woman for a wife. This is the negative aspect of the marriage.
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