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Legalization of marijuana will only increase the ongoing problem in the state about the negative effects of marijuana which has been wasting our productive young population and reducing them to walking zombies who are dependent on their guardians. Some of the negative effects of…
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Research proposal letter
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Michigan Citizen 2408 Fairview Road, Costa Mesa, CA 92629. 5th October, Congressman Michigan Private Bag Washington D.C Dear Sir Legalization of marijuana will only increase the ongoing problem in the state about the negative effects of marijuana which has been wasting our productive young population and reducing them to walking zombies who are dependent on their guardians. Some of the negative effects of marijuana according to the study by Volkow, Nora and her team of qualified researchers include damage to the lungs of the smoker and if there is continued use, the user is likely to develop serious respiratory problems such as bronchitis and inflammation of the respiratory tract making breathing difficult and eventually leading to death. This is what will be experienced by people once the marijuana is legalized as there will be continual usage of the drug. Similar to other hard core drugs, continual usage of marijuana will cause damage to the brain leading to problems such as psychosis in addition to diminished brain functions and affecting the memory. If people’s brains are likely to be destroyed, it means that the state will lack productive people in the future and that will be the beginning of the end of this great state. Unborn babies who are the future generation of this great land will also be affected by the marijuana even while in the womb.
It is open fact as explained by Kleber and Dupont in their research findings that medical marijuana is of great help to people with glaucoma, epileptic seizures, decreases anxiety, prevents the spread of cancer and is even a powerful painkiller among other health benefits. This therefore means that it cannot be prevented from being used for medical purposes. The solution to such an issue is to therefore only legalize medical marijuana. There should be law indicating that people to produce medical document signed by the physician about the need to use the medical marijuana in the specific shops selling the drug. The sellers should have official permits from the county offices to legalize their sale and regular checks will be made in their shops to ensure they are not breaching their contracts. This legalization will cost less than when the regular marijuana is legalized. The cost of medical expenses will also reduce to the sick people are they will reduce their frequent hospital visit and purchase of expensive drugs. This is not expected to be an easy thing as people will still find ways to forge documents so they can purchase the marijuana even though they lack pre-existing medical condition to demand the use of the drug. There are also activists who are bound to reject even the legalization of medical marijuana.
It will be more beneficial financially and socially for the state if the bill to legalize marijuana is changed and made to specifically legalize only medical marijuana. This will assist the people with serious medical conditions financially as mentioned above as well as save millions of dollars for the state in rehabilitation of the young generation from indulging too much in marijuana. The objectives of the state is to remain the best and this will only happen if they have high productivity and input from all without incurring unnecessary expenses in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.
Carlos Johnson
Concerned Citizen
Work Cited
Kleber, Herbert and Robert Dupont. Physicians and Medical Marijuana. The American Journal of Psychiatry, 2012, 169(6): 564-568.
Volkow, Nora. Et al. Adverse Health Effects of Marijuana Use. The New England Journal of Medicine, 2014, June 5th, 2014: 2219-2227. Retrieved from: Read More
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