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Journal 16 - Assignment Example

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One cold winter afternoon, Tito sits in his office, and he asks the secretary to go home early as it was snowing outside. He was able to deduct the salary of the secretary each week. The real reason…
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Journal 16
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Download file to see previous pages He managed to make plenty of money from handling cases of poor immigrants in New York City. He attracts clients through promises and extorts theme to bits. He believes that earning money brings more pleasure. He adds that making more makes his family happier. He observes that money produces happiness and does not take the time to address his family.
Tito regrets his past behavior and treatment to his family. He wishes that he had created more time to measure up to his mistakes. On the contrary, it becomes too late to accomplish all that he wanted to share. He cannot show a decent goodbye to the family.
Even though, Tito had plenty of complaints against his wife, he believed that the wife had a critical role within his life in Cuba. She was the main reason that pushed him to make more money as a way of satisfying her. He was aware that this had to be the only way of holding together the relationship.
Previously, Tito lived a life of misery and difficulty. His wife came into his life while his business was successful and ran advertisements on mass media. Currently, Tito considers his wife a greedy woman who constantly asks the husband to award her money to expense. The fact that she shares no feeling for her husband, she refuses to divorce him for his riches. He has difficulties relating with Ines and Jaime.
Tito’s life is limited within the confines of making profit from everyone. This has strained his relationships with his wife and children. He considers making more money through doctoring birth certificates, forging employment records, thwarting deportation, securing sponsors, generating legitimate green cards and applying for political asylums.
These contrasts depict how people perceive of money as a happiness equivalent. The thought of more money amounts to equal amounts of happiness is misguided. Tito’s story shows that money does not have a direct comparison with the amount of happiness derived.
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