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Even before opening my eyes, I knew exactly where I was. I could feel the millions of grains of sand between my fingers, hot between them. The cool breeze was breezing against my face that was quite a relief…
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Unforgettable day
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Unforgettable day My first day visiting the desert was such a fascinating experience. Even before opening my eyes, I knew exactly where I was. I could feel the millions of grains of sand between my fingers, hot between them. The cool breeze was breezing against my face that was quite a relief from the sweltering sun. I had visited the Patagonian Desert together with my Dad, Mum and my two brothers. I was 13 years old, and I was amazed on how reality and fantasy were intertwining at the moment. It was a feeling like that of a continuing dream after awakening up to the reality.
Together with my family in the silence, I understood for a moment the deadness that people feel in the primeval desert. It was very difficult to imagine and see a place without human existence. I almost believed that the primitive land will be grateful after the departure and absence of the tourist as the desert, and its creations will return to their ancient states undisturbed by the anxious and brooding men. I stood on the open, out of the underworld. A thousand feet below me were a curving ridge of sandstone that was existing to the eye, a tiny feature that was lost in the vastness of the canyon systems. Far in the east was an isolated storm that was boiling over the desert as a mass of clouds that was bordering the earth surface with trailing curtains of rain and lightning. A land where there is few signs of life and were rivers flow unseen through the trenches in the rock. Other scenery consisted of golden dunes, desert lakes, alluvial fans, plateaus, playas and desert animals i.e. snakes, camels and birds.
Strolling on with my family, it seemed that the strangeness and wonder existence of the desert was really emphasized here by the comparative scarcity of the fauna and flora. Desert life is not overcrowded place but plants here are scattered abroad in simplicity and sparseness. The living organism stood out bold and brave with a generous gift of space defined between each tree, bush or stem of grass existing vividly against the lifeless rocks and sand. In the desert, there is no any shortage of water. Rather, water in the desert is extremely in the appropriate amount creating a perfect ratio between water and rock insuring the generous space between plants and animals, cities and town. Really the desert is quiet a very different place from other parts of the nation.
As a family, we were to spend the night in two tents in the desert. I was afraid but the presence of my brothers who were elder than me mad me stronger. We played soccer in the evening and went hunting until the sun came down. At night, it was all about fun talks with the family around a warm fireplace. It was a cold day in the winter, so we took coffee sitting next to the fireplace as we enjoyed the warm. Late night we had to catch some sleep. I lay on my back tired and gazed into the stars until the campfire was down to its last frames. I folded my jumper into the sheets and soon I drifted into the land which they call sleep. The following day we had to go back, home. It is quite an unforgettable day. Read More
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