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Her advice resonates with GIS project management in a number of ways. To start with, GIS project management encompasses many and different tools and…
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Gis project management
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GIS Project Management Jane Harman highlights success factors in leadership and advices women on what to expect when they take leadership positions. Her advice resonates with GIS project management in a number of ways. To start with, GIS project management encompasses many and different tools and techniques that influence the effectiveness and efficiency of project managers. In the same way, leadership is subject to the influence of diverse and dynamic factors. In the project management context, it is important for managers to be good leaders as well.
Harman notes that leadership is an inside-out practice. In other words, successful leaders have passion for leadership. Similarly, project managers ought to have an internal personal drive that inspires and motivates their job performance. It is also noted that leadership is an ongoing and challenging practice. Notably, GIS project management is not short of the same observation. GIS project managers handle multiple tasks, manage team members, interact with clients, and encounter end-users from time to time. All these duties and responsibilities translate to management and leadership challenges evident in GIS projects.
Finally yet importantly, Jane Harman’s advice maintains that hard work and failure are key components of the leadership puzzle. This advice relates to GIS project management in the sense that managers will ultimately strive to achieve their project goals. On the same note, not every project translates to automatic success. In this respect, failures should be viewed as learning curves for improved future outcomes. The idea is to promote leadership and management in equal measure as far as project management is concerned. Read More
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