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In fact, this movie is describing the love story between poor artist Jack Dawson and wealthy bride Rose DeWitt Bukater on the greatest ship in history titled…
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In the history of cinema, Titanic movie created by James Cameron in 1997 is always considered as an important one. In fact, this movie is describing the love story between poor artist Jack Dawson and wealthy bride Rose DeWitt Bukater on the greatest ship in history titled Titanic. They met on the first and the last cruise of this ship travelling from Europe to America. Firstly, they were close friends as Jack stopped Rose from committing suicide. Then, Rose felt like she fell in love with Jack after talking to him on the bow and being a naked model for Jack’s sketch. At the same time, Titanic struck an iceberg in the ocean. Then, Rose’s fiancé Cal Hockley discovered this romance and accuses Jack of theft of his gift to Rose. In condition of panic because of ship’s sinking, Rose and Jack were re-united and tried to survive together. But, in the cold Atlantic Ocean Jack sacrificed himself in order to save Rose. At the end, Rose is an old woman throwing Cal’s gift back to the ocean. So, this movie can be taken as a complex story that touches multiple sides of human life in genre of Romantic Drama. In this sophisticated context, in a given essay the play of main actors, plot twists and impressive ending are taken as criteria in evaluating this movie as one of the best among all Romantic Dramas.
To start with, the main characters played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are involved in the appealing love-story that emerged for the first time during the cruise on the ship titled Titanic. Actually, the relation between the couple develop in such a passionate and emotional way that it is impossible not to believe them. In addition, the fact that he is a poor risky worker trying to gain attention from a wealthy lady is also important in making their love even more sensual. Thus, the tandem created by DiCaprio and Winslet is really loved by public even nowadays. Moreover, they still are one of the best couples on the screen. In this context, the way these two actors presented the story between Jack and Rose assisted their future careers in Hollywood. Therefore, the play of main actors is on the highest level in Titanic.
Furthermore, plot in the movie is highly interesting and full of unexpected difficulties caused by water and people. On the one hand, after liner had crashed into an iceberg everyone left almost with no chance to survive. On another hand, numerous deaths caused by Titanic were driven by human factor. In this context, an additional character Cal who wanted to marry Rose is one of such people. In particular, he represents elite members on the ship who do not like poor and honest people. And so, the love triangle is evident in the movie and driving the main changes in plot. Moreover, numerous social problems like gender inequality and double game of democratic change are reflected in the changes of the plot. For instance, when Cal finds out that contact between Jack and Rose exists, he becomes furious. Hence, his rude behavior with them shows his social position and appreciation of gender and wealth inequality. Therefore, plot becomes more touching when it means more than it shows on the surface.
Finally, the impressive ending is crucially important for each movie as it is the last chance to make people fond of it. In this context, Titanic ends in a memorable way by making people cry and think about real values in life. In particular, the scene in a freezing water as the way to say goodbye to Jack is one of the most impressive scenes that appeared in cinema in general. Here, love and death in a cold ocean are connected together. In addition, the fact that Jack self-sacrificed himself makes the ending even more powerful. Thus, the ending can be named as a strongest side of Titanic.
In order to sum up, Titanic movie can be surely called as a classic example of Romantic Drama. In terms of talented actors play, complex and unpredictable plot development, and powerful final it can be called as one of the best examples ever created in cinema. Moreover, the fact that it was created far in the past make these advantages even more valuable comparing to the contemporary movies. And so, Titanic is highly recommended to be seen by everyone who wants to know the best movies in genres of Romance and Drama. Read More
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