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We came here to know more about world trends from top t-shirt designers. Our guest speaker is only 19 years old and was born in China. She studied in China too, and now she is completing her…
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October 8, Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our “Worldly T-Shirt Design” forum. We came here to know more about world trends from top t-shirt designers. Our guest speaker is only 19 years old and was born in China. She studied in China too, and now she is completing her college education in a university in California. Her educational background can explain the international appeal of her designs. Furthermore, her father is a doctor, which shows why she likes sending nurturing, optimistic messages. In addition, she learned to draw before she learned to speak. Aside from the arts, she loves playing the flute and the piano. She also grew up helping in their family restaurant business. Perhaps, it is this combination of love for the arts, music, and business that inspire her to design clothing. Her t-shirt quotes embody universal themes. This is an example from one of her works: “You never chase true love. If its true, itll never leave, though sometimes, it finds its way back to you.” Her t-shirts are drawn from her heart and tug other hearts as well. Ladies and gentlemen, lets give our guest speaker a big round of applause, add your name. Read More
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