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The story of fifteen years old boy, Max Fisher and his role in the life of Rushmore Academy impressed millions of viewers with the serenity of…
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The film “Rushmore” presented by Wes Andersen in 1998 made the audience think about the entire issues, revealed in its plot. The story of fifteen years old boy, Max Fisher and his role in the life of Rushmore Academy impressed millions of viewers with the serenity of feelings of the main hero. The aim of this work is to analyze the scenes of the film through the lens of ugly feelings.
The first scene interesting for analysis is the one, where Max is meeting Rosemary Cross with a man after the presentation of his play in Rushmore. Max has a dinner with Rose, her partner and their mutual friend Herman Blume. As a result, overdrank, he makes a terrible scene, telling Rose about his feelings and blaming that she had hurt his feelings.
The situation described in this scene involves the viewer in the eddy of emotions, experienced by Max. Being the best in different activities of the school, he is confused about the groundless refuse, accepted from the object of his affection. Max’s feelings are hurt, but his purposefulness prevents him from accepting the situation as it is.
The second scene presents that Max’s friend Dirk discovers the relationships between Rose and Blume and informs Max about it. The main hero tries to get the revenge over his opponent, but gives up understanding that Rose loves Blume.
The most touching moment is when Max sits near the grave of his mother and has a conversation with Blume, where Max relinquishes him in this senseless competition. After that, he becomes depressed and stops attending school. Max helps his father in the barbershop and refuses all his dreams.
Max’s ugly feelings due to the treachery of his friend and the object of his affection resulted in the total retirement into shell. Insults and disappointments make him weak and passive. It creates a strain atmosphere over the film, because its main character significantly changes.
In conclusion, Max finds the will to fulfil his life-long dream and makes the best play ever, accepting the appreciation and admiration from all people of his circle. We can definitely say that this film can be a perfect motivation for many people, concerned by the troubles, appearing on the way to their dream.

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File Rushmore Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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