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In most of the world’s developing nations, abortion remains illegal. In developed nations such as the United States, though, women have been awarded the right to have abortions in some…
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Should abortion be allowed or not
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Module Why Abortion should be Allowed INTRODUCTION Abortion refers to the deliberate termination of a pregnancy for medical or other reasons. In most of the world’s developing nations, abortion remains illegal. In developed nations such as the United States, though, women have been awarded the right to have abortions in some of the fifty states. Moreover, even in nations and states where abortion is legal, it remains a contentious subject. Abortion effects women in such negative ways physically and psychologically, that they would only want to perform it because they have no other options. This is just one reason why abortion should be legalized. Abortions are medical processes that actually improve the lives of the women who request for them; due to the brutal nature of this process, it is easy to understand that women who are not in desperate straits will not seek to procure an abortion.
Control over Women’s Bodies
The reality is that, for a long time, women were seen as possessions of the men they were related to. The men had the right to do with their women as they wished; and this included denying them medical procedures for flippant reasons (Joachim 21). This standard still remains in many Middle Eastern nations. Refusing to legalize abortion basically amounts to preserving the outdated cultural practice of controlling the bodies of women on a massive scale.
Financial Concerns
It is a fact that the majority of women who seek abortions are those with no financial security. Their partners, if involved in their lives in more ways than one, refuse to use birth control methods such as condoms but still demand sexual intimacy. The women may even be subjected to physical violence if they refuse to cooperate with their partners. For women in such circumstances, having an abortion is the only way they can prevent them from further sinking into poverty due to an extra mouth to feed.
Safety Issues
There are numerous cases that have been documented in media channels where expectant mothers died because hospitals either refused completely refused to terminate their pregnancies to save their lives or their spouses refused to give permission for the lives of their girlfriends and wives to be saved at the expense of the pregnancy (Flavin 18). The reality is that legalizing abortion is something that will consign such occurrences to the past; as the expectant mother is given the sole right to determine whether or not she wishes to keep the baby growing within her.
Abortion, in many cases, actually saves the lives of the women who have it done in more ways than one. It saves them from having to contend with extreme financial deprivation, as well as mental problems. The women who seek abortions do so as a last resort. This means that they have found that their lives will be irreparably damaged if they opt to keep the pregnancy. This is why they should be given the right to have the abortion done as safely as possible.
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