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These artists consider the good values of the society and uphold them. Conscious guides the human life with the pure characteristics. It is…
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Discussion: Manifestos
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Conscious Art Manifesto Consciousness-like mentioned in the manifesto is awareness of self, there is a clear definition of what it entails being conscious artists. These artists consider the good values of the society and uphold them. Conscious guides the human life with the pure characteristics. It is non-material, complete, inspiring, self – referential and ever fresh. Conscious is unlimited and eternal in nature (
The idea in the conscious art manifesto is appropriate uses of art with the welfare of the society being at the forefront. Art should be beneficial to every one without discrimination in a conscious artist. According to the manifesto, from history there have been evident differences in terms of what people achieve and do in life in relation to the way they developed. Those people who developed in consciousness are reported to have more profound influence in the society than those who did not; the activities they carry out are more beneficial to the society unlike the other (Rowlands, pg. 210).
Purpose of the manifesto is to re-establish the morals and the motives that are beneficial to the society in art. The characteristics of a conscious artist portray the ideal person who cares for the society. Therefore, by stipulating the attributes of the conscious artist, the manifesto goes a long way in moulding the young artists to producing art with the social welfare at the back of the mind. I agree with the manifesto and the description of the idea. Ideally, art should be beneficial to the society and indiscriminative in nature. That is what that is displayed here in the manifesto.

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Rowlands, Mark. “Consciousness: The Transcendentalist Manifesto.” Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 2 (2003): 205–221. Web.
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Discussion: Manifestos Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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