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This essay presents talks about what the author thinks about his own writing. He started his reading journey at a very early stage and have developed to be an avid reader. It played an important part in improving and sharpening his spelling and content comprehension…
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Response to My Writing
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Extract of sample "Response to My Writing"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Response to My Writing" presents talks about what the author thinks about his own writing.I started my reading journey at a very early stage and have developed to be an avid reader. The passion I have developed for reading in my life, thus far, is pegged on my parent's commitment and consistency in buying books for my practice. It played an important part in improving and sharpening my spelling and content comprehension. In addition, my parents were supportive through their encouragement and will to help me in cases where I was stuck. They provided the best example that I grew out of to be an exemplary reader and writer too. The fondness of reading books to acknowledge content as I recall grew ever stronger. Many writers have the aim of making a connection in their communication with the audience. Writing involves articulating ideas in a manner reaching the audience without misinterpretation and being boring. Becoming a great writer calls for dedication in work by putting practice and enthusiasm ahead of all other virtues. My creed is always to practice, practice and practice. It comes out as my strength because I am persistent in completing and delivering work. Moreover, setting deliverables and meeting them is a great way to make progress in any project cut out for a person. It helps to acquire new skills as the old ones are sharpened. I always looked up to my teachers for guidance and were the best opportunity for my improvement. I do not like noisy or crowded places, and this is probably my weakness. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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