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Argument response paper - Essay Example

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Belonging to the background of United Arab Emirates I have learned the importance of kinship and have realized that kinship is the best pattern that should be followed by all societies. The principle of kinship promotes that families and close relatives should care for each…
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Argument response paper
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Argument Response Belonging to the background of United Arab Emirates I have learned the importance of kinship and have realized that kinship is the best pattern that should be followed by all societies. The principle of kinship promotes that families and close relatives should care for each other and decision should be made while taking into consideration all relatives that are being affected by the decision. Kinship even promotes that one individual with a family should look after other individual and should help each other during difficult situation and should share rewards and happiness with each other. I believe that when families are developed on the patterns of kinship, family members are quite closely related to each other and they do not think in an individualistic manner. Kinship is the best pattern for a family because in such a pattern families and its members find it easier to depend on each other and they share problems with each other. When problems are shared, people within the family try to find a solution to the problem together and everyone tries to help. Due to this, the burden of solving problems is shares and due to decrease in the burden, the person facing the problem does not have to take enough stress. On the other hand, individuals who belong to families where individualism is promoted experience higher level of stress as they try to solve problems on their own. This is why individuals belonging to individualistic cultures end up indulging in deviant behaviors such as drinking and abusing drugs. In case of kinship, families keep a close eye on each other and if the find patterns of drug abuse are being developed by a family member, they tend to intervene and help the individual in getting rid of the problem. Read More
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Argument Response Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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