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Summary of a Central Event - Assignment Example

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As I read the speech by Wallace on Transcription of the 2005 Kenyon commencement address-May 21, 2005, I got the impression that relationships are very important. From the speech one can…
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Summary of a Central Event
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Extract of sample "Summary of a Central Event"

In development of my social literacy, reading speeches has played a very significant n role. As I read the speech by Wallace on Transcription of the 2005 Kenyon commencement address-May 21, 2005, I got the impression that relationships are very important. From the speech one can easily grasp the fact that what something means to one person does not necessarily mean that it will mean the same thing to another person. It is not always we will get what we want and that is why going to school involves being taught how to think.
Consequently, Jonathan Safran, further builds my social literacy in his speech on how not to be alone. How he explains on how technology has made us drift from our hearts reminds me of the many times; I wished somebody were there to talk to me face to face instead of leaving a message on the phone. As human beings, we have let the use of technology to take us apart from each other. A simple conversation with somebody can help brighten him or her up instead of choosing to go through a phone. Everyday life touches on the very details that we tend to ignore on personal communication.
In the current world, isolation has become part of human life. One may wonder why, but looking at things as they unfold in offices it is easier to understand. An individual in an office may choose not to come face to face with other people only leading to isolation. By looking at things around us, we can learn a lot and be able to relate better (Kingsolver, 3).
Works cited
KIngsolver, Barbra. "2008 Commencement Address by Barbara." Duke Today (2008): 1-4. Read More
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