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Both of the commodities under advertisement are marketed using print media where one diagram is that of a magazine cover that shows a model while the other is a page from a magazine that advertises perfume. One of the advertisements is more critical than a second photograph and…
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Writing the Target Audience Analysis
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Essay Both of the commodities under advertisement are marketed using print media where one diagram is that of a magazine cover that shows a model while the other is a page from a magazine that advertises perfume. One of the advertisements is more critical than a second photograph and thus why it is the magazine cover while the other photograph is just a page from a magazine. The first advertisement has Aristotelian appeal from the money in which it is expressed in capital letters on the front of the magazine that is bound to attract buyers. The other Aristotelian appeal is size of the photograph on the front page. The photo is larger than the interior second picture and thus the large appeal. The first photograph contains more Aristotelian appeal than the second paragraph.
The magazine focuses on adults that are above the age of 18 but below 25. This group is commonly known as the young adults group. The reason for stating that this is the most preferred age group for the magazine is because of the explicit content contained in the magazine. When reading the column on the right of the left page one gets to view issues revolving around sex and it is such issues that should not be accessed by young people. In the contemporary environment, there have been different issues that involve young people getting into explicit behavior at a young age and the reason for this is the access to such magazines. It is from this that one understands that adults are the targets of this magazine. Young adults value information regarding new experience in the intimate sector. Many people around this age have little experience in intimacy and from the magazine, the audience value information regarding the subject of the column who discusses her experience when breaking her virginity. From this information one gets to understand the reason why the young adults relate to the magazine
The second advertisement is that of acclaimed clothing line, Gucci. Gucci is an international store that has had the ability to capture the attention of many people from the classy products it has introduced into the market. When looking at the advertisement, one thing to note is the elegant bottle of perfumed displayed on the box. Prior to identifying the bottle, the first thing noticed is the color of the background in the advertisement. Color brown is internationally recognized as to having a certain appeal on people and the fact that it is the one used in the advertisement, it is very easy to capture potential buyers’ attention. Looking at one side of the magazine, there is the picture of a man with a moustache. This is a positive strategy in advertising since it shows that the particular perfume is made for men of class. To solidify this factor, the man in the photograph is wearing official clothes that are a symbol of elegance. Looking closely below the bottle, there is a signature and some wordings stating Made to Measure. This is particularly strong since it convinces the buyer of the high quality perfume present in the commodity. Having this kind of information is imperative in advertising for it draws many customers.
There are various angle visions used in the two photographs. For the first paragraph, the angle vision is quite clear and this is seen from the clarity of the photograph even after capturing it with a low lenses camera. The fact that there is the ability of the photograph to be viewed clearly from different angles, there is the ability to identify with the cover photograph from a distant. The first photograph uses quality and high technology image clarifying lenses. The second photograph does not have so much a clear view as the first one and thus does not have the ability to receive recognition from a wider range. When someone does not have clear eyesight or rather for people with weak eyesight, it is very difficult to understand what the writings below the bottle may mean. However, the only positive aspect is that people have recognized with Gucci over the years and consequently can identify the label even without clarity. Read More
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