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The solution to the Hinduism belief on Samsara, implying that we are born, we live, we suffer, we die, and we are reborn like the belief of reincarnation in the west, can only be overcome Moksha, which involves spiritual abrasion that recognizes human self with divine reality…
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Short Religion Films
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SHORT RELIGION FILMS The solution to the Hinduism belief on Samsara, implying that we are born, we live, we suffer, we die, and we are reborn like the belief of reincarnation in the west, can only be overcome Moksha, which involves spiritual abrasion that recognizes human self with divine reality methods. For instance, Hindus over the years have strategically tried meeting other religions e.g. Buddhism by accommodating and including them lieu of saying no e.g. Hinduism used female goddesses, images of divinities doing something like Yoga, animal sacrifice, and ritual bathing in the 1500-2500 B.C (Stephen, 2011).
The solution to the Jews’ major problem of exile is storytelling and the law. For instance, the Jews have the creed and advocate for ‘Remember’, which is the law. In addition, the Jews have the Torah, which refers to the first five books of the Old Testament and the entire Hebrew prophetic books, which acts as the law. Therefore, some of the aspects of Judaism include following the law, ‘storytelling’ that implies to follow the commandments (Stephen, 2011).
Christians believe that, the only way to separate ourselves from the stain of sin is through salvation. Stephen Prothero, believes that the only way to find this salvation is by our sins being taken away, through Jesus when he comes to the world in form of a human being; lives a sinless live, and dies on the cross consequently taking our sins into his body, person and soul. For instance, the Catholics say you need to be a good a person, have faith and trust in Jesus for you to go to heaven. Although the Protestants oppose the being a good person, they both, however, believe that having faith in Jesus can take you to heaven (Stephen, 2011).
The major problem to Buddhism is suffering thus; they believe they can live in the world without suffering if they understand why they suffer, and the origin of suffering so that they can reverse it, which is called nirvana (blowing out suffering). For instance, Buddhism says that you can have religion without having a god because they believe that having a god will make them no better, less in pain or sorrowful. Some of the aspects of Buddhism are that, Buddhists do not care about a god; they meditate, they believe suffering has an origin and can be reversed, hence leading them to nirvana (Stephen, 2011).
The solution to the central problem of Confucianism’s lack of care, social order and the belief that society is falling is apart, is ritual, etiquette, virtual ethics and being kind to one another. For instance, there is an idea that heaven has some sort of impersonal divinity and hence there is need to bring that heavenly order to the earthly ground by acting in ways we are supposed to act towards one another by following series of rituals, which will make us empathetic to one another. Some of the aspects of this religion that were advocated by Confucius were the need for education, relationships e.g., children submitting to parents as a way to achieve social order and harmony (Stephen, 2011).
The solution to the major problem of Islam’s pride and the belief that you can make it to the afterlife without God, is through submission to God e.g. through the five pillars of Islam, which includes prayer 5 times a day, getting down on your hand and knees as you press your forehead on the ground, charity, fasting and pilgrimage. Further, Muslims believe in ‘Shahadah’ that, there is no god but God himself and Muhammad was only a vessel of bringing the word to the world like Mary the Virgin (Stephen, 2011).
Therefore, from a personal perspective, I think religion is diverse and people’s beliefs about their religion should be respected because some religions have roots in the society history like the Exodus of the Jews and hence cannot be wished away. Thus, as humanity it is impossible to have one religion at the expense of the others and any attempts to create one, would be a recipe for religion conflict. In addition, the belief about the existence of a supernatural being, or God is something questionable if different denominations beliefs is anything to go by. Ultimately, I feel disappointed at some religions, which do not believe in the existence of a supernatural being, behind the human and universe creation.
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Short Religion Films Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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