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Cheating has always been considered as some concept that describes objective dishonesty and unfair actions towards others, that’s why conclusion about cheating can be the one: that it is a bad thing. There is no possible way cheating can be justified, because it violates the…
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Is cheating wrong
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Cheating as a Violation of Objectivity School Cheating has always been considered as some concept that describes objective dishonesty and unfair actions towards others, that’s why conclusion about cheating can be the one: that it is a bad thing. There is no possible way cheating can be justified, because it violates the rules of fairness.
If we consider cheating in different aspects and how it may be applied to the different things it becomes clear that cheating infringes the objective rules and criteria that exist. For example, if a sportsman uses dope to increase his level of force and get advantage in competitions it is considered to be violation of objective sports rules, because the results under dope aren’t the objective estimation of abilities of the sportsman’s body. That’s why dope-control was invented to make sports results objective, otherwise sports would have become a competition of the best dopes invented.
Thinking about such global realms as politics cheating is even worse here. When we face with such thing as ballot-box stuffing on elections we always consider it as an outrage of human’s rights and the main principles of democracy. If a politician wins elections using illegal cheatings than lately his directory can lead to terrible consequences and the entire country can suffer.
Any cheating is violation of the objective and moral principles established long time ago. If we start considering cheating as something normal it will mean that we allow people to do whatever they want. And when the forbidden principles become allowed it means that we lose the fringe between good and bad, which itself is very dangerous. Read More
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