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Analyse the author's implicit and meaning of the text. Comment on the way He uses language to make his point and whether or not is an appropriate way of starting his view - Assignment Example

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It is by language that we express our inner emotions. Writing is a use of language that courts, seduces insults and praise, buy and sell, and helps us earn a living. Language use provokes reasoning and logic. The…
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Analyse the authors implicit and meaning of the text. Comment on the way He uses language to make his point and whether or not is an appropriate way of starting his view
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Extract of sample "Analyse the author's implicit and meaning of the text. Comment on the way He uses language to make his point and whether or not is an appropriate way of starting his view"

Download file to see previous pages He believes that he belongs to no community as well as all of us. Therefore, nobody should abide by the word community. He suggests that even one should be cautious even being called a family. He suggests that media uses the word communities a lot and even in a terrorist act and other criminal issues. This makes people be in fear of the communities they live, and they need re-assurance.
He further presents a man in his street that runs a “community association." Nobody is joining this association. The man became the sole member and the leader of the association, and he purport to represent them. This after being advised that it is easy to negotiate with self-appointed leader than with many persons with their distinct concerns.
He has a view that it is fictions when people speak about the faith, local and ethnic communities. He argues that the reason of using communities is to diminish the individuality. This means that people are not independent but are under a bracket termed as community. This easily allows those in power to rule over or achieve their self-interest through the community. He argues that the government has categorized its people by type just as Marxism did by class. He suggests this is easily achieved through the community, but it is wrong. He cites the example of union leaders who are minority negotiating the salaries of the employees as one-way leaders achieve their self-interests. Clubs and universities in Briton is part of the large part of trying to pass their bureaucratic leadership and diminish the British spirit individualism.
He refers to George Orwell and Aldous writings that demonstrate inhumanities of societies according to the imposed templates on them. He further suggests that the government is curtailing liberty through their chants of free people as a unit in a collective communal way. All this is for their leadership advantage and quest for power. He notes the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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