Constructing Tin Pan Alley: From Minstrelsy to Mass Culture - Assignment Example

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The author tends to focus on the advantage that slavery delivers rather than the norm that encompasses the negative effects of slavery as an institution. The essay…
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Constructing Tin Pan Alley: From Minstrelsy to Mass Culture
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A Response to the Article- Constructing Tin Pan Alley: From Minstrelsy to Mass Culture The article describes the evolving of simple music in the form of Minstrelsy music to a popular genre of music. The author tends to focus on the advantage that slavery delivers rather than the norm that encompasses the negative effects of slavery as an institution. The essay also articulates on minstrelsy as a genre that became popular in another avenue that is not a conventional method. Popular music meant for the elite was first played in New York before being played elsewhere. On the other hand, talented musicians played the minstrelsy from bottom in the small towns until their music became famous enough to be playing in New York.
The essay also depicts that indigenous music did not have the popularity specifically in New York before the nineteenth century. Popularity grew in New York after the widely dispersed songwriters, as well as publishers, began to meet in 28th street and Broadway Street in New York. The area they settled became popular, and its name rose from the small output of the pianos. The place became known as Tin Pan Alley (Garofalo).
The chapter also puts forward that the songwriters were regulating their music according to the local and cultural music that was in existence in America. Their music was also dominant in the market until the time after the World War II. The most important aspect of the musicians is that they went on to new technology of the radio, the television and the talking films courtesy of the music records.
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Garofalo. Constructing Tin Pan Alley: From Minstrelsy to Mass Culture. London: Cambridge University Press, 2012. Read More
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