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However, nowadays the teaching is practiced on the early stages of children’s life. To present a foreign language to a class, a teacher must give children a comprehensive…
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How would you teach the following structures to Young Learners
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TEACHING OF YOUNG LEARNERS by The of the The of the School The and where itis located
The Date
How to present a new target language to a class? How to teach the meaning of the language (not just practice)?
There are different suggestions on how and when to make a child familiar with a foreign language. However, nowadays the teaching is practiced on the early stages of children’s life. To present a foreign language to a class, a teacher must give children a comprehensive explanation that there is a place in the world where people speak different language and it is important for us to have the ability to communicate with these people. This purpose can be achieved only by learning their language. It must be explained that language will act like a conductor between us and them. While explaining, it is important to create the atmosphere of another culture.
Activities and visual aids to enhance the process of teaching a foreign language:
The atmosphere of the foreign culture must be created in order to introduce a language to children. If Children learn French, for example, the teacher can bring pictures of Eifel tower and other national images of the country as visual training means capture children’s attention and increase memorizing capabilities: e.g. using pictures and word cards for learning words will create necessary parallels between the word and the concept in a child’s mind. “The pupil ought from the very first lesson to have the clearest sensation of being on foreign ground, and he ought to realize that the foreign sounds cannot be learned without work” (Jespersen, Otto, 1928, 29). The new surrounding will enable young learners to be involved in the new culture and its language.
Activities for teaching children the basic structures of a foreign language:
There is no other practice that would be as effective in working with children as playing. Young learners always perceive the new information better when it is delivered in the game form. “The difficulties of the new language can be overcome by paying careful attention to both the processes that are involved: listening and imitation” (Kirkman, F. B., 1909, 28). An effective type of learning activity is singing songs containing repetitions of the new words and watching educational cartoons. Moreover, competitions can be organized between children divided into 2 groups with guessing the word describing the picture and writing it on the whiteboard (the group, which manages to guess more, wins). Small prizes like candies can be used to encourage the winners. The form of debates between the groups can be also used on the later stages of learning. During some creative activities (like drawing) children must be encouraged to say aloud what they are doing.
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