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In this context, finding the right occupation is what can make the life of one meaningful and filled with sense. For me, this is the field of…
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Personal statement, interview in your filed of interest
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number and Paper Part II Since the early years of life I learned that actions define a person, so they should be purposeful and oriented at particular results. In this context, finding the right occupation is what can make the life of one meaningful and filled with sense. For me, this is the field of civil engineering as this is the area where I can fulfill all my creative and intellectual potential and act accordingly to the credo I have defined for myself - there are no limits for perfection and one should never stop moving and developing further. Consequently, the most important thing to know about me is my credo as it can tell much more about my personality than anything else. It reflects both the goals I have in life as well as what drives me in achieving them.
I try to plan my life and set both the short-term and long-term goals in a way that will enable me to become each day better than I was yesterday, delimiting always some new horizons to be discovered. Knowing that my actions and my efforts were not in vain, but brought good and well-being to other people and society I live in is what fills the life with sense and brings inner satisfaction. Only by striving for more a person can expect to become versatile personality and knowledgeable professional. Following my credo, I know that any experience, either successful or not, is always good for a person, but it is essential to know how to make use of it and be ready to turn the past mistakes into the future gaining.
My aim is not getting an access to material benefits as they are not the values I serve. However, I know that I possess all the skills and traits of character needed to reach heights in civil engineering. Finding and applying my own approach to challenges and seemingly desperate situations, I will be able to make a difference in this profession and prove that I am capable of much. The only indeed valuable award, in this regard, is seeing the outcomes of the completed work and to knowing that they will serve people good for ages. Subsequently, I believe that what I managed to achieve today will lay the ground for what I will gain tomorrow. The following confidence constantly encourages me to try even harder and applying even more efforts on the way to my dream. Read More
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