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However, this article argues against females joining priesthood. According to the article, females should not be priests because men have always been chosen to be religious leaders. The…
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Women Should not be Priest
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Women should not be ordained as priests Women should not be ordained as priests Many churches in the modern society are embracingthe idea of females being priests. However, this article argues against females joining priesthood. According to the article, females should not be priests because men have always been chosen to be religious leaders. The traditional culture never allowed the females ordination. The author argues that priests should only resemble Christ. This means that since Christ was a male, then priests should be males. The author thinks that females should resemble the mother of Jesus, but not Christ. For example, they should be nuns but not priests (Ross, 2005).
The audience for this article includes females and those who support the ordination of women. The author has successfully used various strategies to appeal to the audience. For instance, she has used ethos to support her arguments. The author’s experiences and knowledge about the subject increases the credibility of her arguments. Dr. Susan Ross, who is the author, is a theology professor. This makes the audience to trust her claims. In addition, the author has used logos to strengthen her arguments. For instance, she has stated facts that support the argument. For instance, citing the traditional facts such as Christ being male and the traditional prohibition of female ordination sounds more convincing. Moreover, pathos has also been used in the article. For instance, she has used emotional language that appeals to the audience imagination. She has done this by narrating historical events especially in the bible. This not only makes the audience to respond emotionally but also to identify themselves with the author’s arguments. However, some of the fallacies make her argument lack validity. For instance, associating traditional roles of a woman in the society with her abilities as a priest lacks soundness. This is because in the current society females are also the bread winners in their families.
Ross, S. (2005). Can women become priest?: A catholic feminist perspective. Journal of Hindu- Christian Studies, 18(5). Retrieved from: Read More
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