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In the paper ““Of Man and the Stream of Time” by Rachel Carson” the author analyzes the effects of man’s routines and activities on the nature and his role in the changes of the environment. Carson describes what she feels are the wrong actions of man towards his efforts to tame nature…
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Of Man and the Stream of Time by Rachel Carson The essay “Of man and the stream of time” is a reflection ofthe author Rachel Carson. Rachael gives an enlightening completely new perspective of what nature is and what conservation of nature has been and presently is. The essay represents the writer’s thoughts that she has been processing in her mind for ten years. In the essay, the effects of man’s routines and activities on the nature and his role in the changes of the environment are evaluated. Carson’s essay proposes a thesis that the sole objective of man in his nature is to make nature submissive yet nature is not something to be conquered but to be made accommodative. As human beings continue to find new ways to harness the natural resources, they end up destroying the nature itself.
Carson has adequately supported the thesis through her expression of emotions related to how people treats nature wrongly. The fact that it took her ten years to prepare for this perspective is an indication enough that the thesis is researched comprehensively. The writer then explains how the efforts that man has been putting to control nature have given less that positive results. The misuse of knowledge and technology that destroys nature makes man feel that he is making the nature submissive. What he does not realize is that nature fights back even more strongly.
The writer’s argument begins with statements on what the feelings about nature and the implication of human activities are. Carson describes what she feels are the wrong actions of man towards his efforts to tame nature. With this, she takes the reader back to the historic perspective of nature protection. She illustrates the difference in the views are currently from the traditional views. In the end, the writer regrets that her generation was unable to give a positive report and hopes that the current generation will do better.
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Carson, Rachel. Of Man and the Stream of Time. Claremont, Calif: Scripps College, 1962. Print. Read More
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