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Jeffrey L.Metzner, MD, and Jamie Fellner, Esq are the authors of this article which is about solitude, confinement and mental illnesses in U.S prisons, they are physicians who happen to have worked in the united states prison facilities and they face numerous challenges like the…
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Library Research Report
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Mental Illness Book Review WHO Jeffrey L.Metzner, MD, and Jamie Fellner, Esq are the of this article which is about solitude, confinement and mental illnesses in U.S prisons, they are physicians who happen to have worked in the united states prison facilities and they face numerous challenges like the working conditions, double loyalty which was highly demanded by both the employers and the patients, which were substandard which led to the rise of these challenges which were unethical.
Solitude is the act of separating people from others, like in this case solitary arises when a prisoner suffers a mental disorder he or she is isolated and confined, physicians have had a hard time with the solitary and confinement of prisoners especially those with mental disorders as they have come to find out that solitary and confinement can cause adverse effects to the patient.
Despite the known hazards of solitary and confinement the prison officials in the united states are employing it as a method of punishment with the aim of controlling notorious prisoners. Usually prisoners are locked up for about 23-24 hours in one day in small cubicles known as cells that are fitted with solid steel doors, maximum security is maintained and there is a limit to the in socialization, recreation time is also limited approximately 5-6 hours in a week and during this time prisoner are locked in small caged. Purposeful activities such as vacations and educating are also limited.
Prisoners when being led out of their cells they are usually shackled and always in handcuffs. Isolation of prisoners can be very hazardous that is can cause psychological disturbances and this vary between individuals, conditions one is exposed to like limited access to light and the length of isolation. Some of these psychological effects may include anger, anxiety, cognitive disorientation as well as psychosis. Too much isolation can cause adverse effects which maybe long term, some of the common adverse effects of prolonged isolation may include; obsessive compulsive disorders, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. The prisoners usually present with psychotic symptoms. Isolation can also cause depression, stress
Psychiatrists have tried to come up with ways of helping the patients but their methods are not usually able to fully control the disorders, these ways which the psychiatrists have identified as appropriate in controlling mental disorders are very rare as a result of insufficient resources as well as the harsh rules of confinement that are imposed on the prisoners.
The national commission on health care and the American psychiatric associations have made some efforts to thy an assist those inmates who have mental problems but this move is still insufficient as it is not possible to cater for all the prisoners who are suffering from the disorders due to the increasing numbers of inmates who need psychiatric help. Also the staff needed in the management of the psychiatric disorders is limited as well as the number of programs and specialized facilities.
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[43] Ibid. Read More
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