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The urge of pioneering scientists to design a common global communication platform revolutionized to internet use. Internet is, in several ways, an…
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Cause And Effect Paper
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Causes and Effects of Inventing Internet Inventing of the Internet Internet invention resulted from computer users’ need to have common communication connection across several computer terminals. The urge of pioneering scientists to design a common global communication platform revolutionized to internet use. Internet is, in several ways, an essential contributor to people’s lives through enhanced communication and business operations. Many internet applications are in operations at workstations, schools and homes. Internet makes it possible to access timely information. Andrew and Norm, 2012, argue that besides the significant contributions of internet invention, it has also created diverse social problems.
Before the internet revolution era, available lines for communication were not only expensive but also slow and cumbersome; these lines were also subject to physical damages and other interference hampering their applications. However, revolutionized internet allows million users to share costs of high-performing circuits, reduce the number of lines and provide automatic re-routing of information in case of any interference. Internet has significantly contributed to effective and timely communication across the globe. Some of its significant contributions include timely sharing of information. Sharing information and occurrences across the world is an undemanding experience. Access to global news is easy using internet connectivity. Social networking renders it easy to access news through platforms such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook.
Besides easy sharing of information, obtaining relevant and educational literature from online scholarly databases is easier and efficient for its users to access than before internet invention. Nearly all forms of literature are now easily retrievable from the internet. Easier retrieval of information from the internet is a cause of revolution in the education sector (Livingstone, 2009). Learners can do online research using information from Google books, academic database and other scholarly sites. Communications within cities, across borders and overseas is now easier and faster with internet than before the invention of internet. E-mail services render sending of information easier, faster and cheaper compared to conventional methods. The internet is a platform that provides convenience undertaking online transactions. Online business transactions improve lives; business partners need not to physically acquire goods and services after invent of online transactions. In some instances, people need no to be physically present at workplaces but can coordinate their roles online. Buying and selling products online is renders it easy for internet users to access products through timely delivery.
Besides the significant internet contributions, it also poses a great threat to social development of children. Children having access to the internet suffer from too much engagement on video games; these video games take much of their time and may result into browsing addiction. Such internet addiction limits both infants and adults innovativeness and creativity (Glenn, 2013). Internet has several adult contents that have implications on the development of underage users. Underage users who have access to censored information expose themselves to some of the contents. Premature internet exposure affects physical and psychological development of underage users. Exposure to adult information on the internet may also contribute to the development of pervert character among the underage population (Glenn, 2013). Some internet users are ill intentioned; they may provide false information on the internet that may disadvantage users retrieving information. Some internet users use abusive language on others.
The viewpoint that the internet has positive and negative implications on its users presented Andrew and Norm, 2012, is justified. Invention of the internet has brought many benefits: ease of access to information, ease of communication and effective online business transactions. However, it has many negative effects on children and underage users. Underage population should use the internet under the guidance of parents; parents must always be keen on monitoring the quantity of time children spend on the internet to help minimize potential risks.
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